Performance Packages

Your athletes work everyday to be the best. Cornerstone Team Sports is committed to fueling their need to perform at their optimal levels.

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Gatorade performance package

The Gatorade® Performance Package has everything you need to fuel your athletes so they can perform to their optimal levels while on the practice field or on game day. It is the only package that offers you a complete system delivering all three phases needed for athletic activity which includes: Prime (Fuel), Perform (Hydrate), and Recover (Nutrient) products. Along with these, you have your choice of Gatorade® sideline equipment (cups, coolers, squeeze bottles, bottle carriers, towels) to support your team’s success.

Gatorade Performance Package

What's Included

Gatorade® Performance Packages include
the following product options:

  • (8) Cases of Gatorade® Protein Bars (96 servings)
  • (1) Case of Gatorade® Thirst Quencher Powder (14 - 6 gal bag)
    (3) Cases of Gatorade® Thirst Quencher Powder Sticks (240 - 20oz. sticks)
    (2) Cases of Gatorade® Zero Powder Sticks (240 – 16.9 oz. sticks)
  • (8) Cases of Gatorade Recover® Shakes (96 servings)
    (8) Cases of Muscle Milk Shakes (96 servings)

Gatorade® Performance Packages also include
your choice of three:

  • One (1) 5-gallon cooler
  • One (1) 10-gallon contour cooler
  • One (1) 60-quart ice chest on wheels
  • Ten (10) Gatorade® towels
  • Twenty four (24) Gatorade® contour bottles
  • Four (4) Gatorade® contour bottle carriers
  • One (1) Case of 7-oz. cups (2,000/case)