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Waterboy 55 gallon horizontal power hydration system with filling station

Waterboy 55-Gallon Horizontal Power Hydration System with Filling Station

What's Included

This vertical tanker-style hydration system includes:

  • 55-gallon tank with All-Drain sump for more complete draining.
  • Custom-formed, plate-aluminum wagon with 10” flat-free, wheels for greater mobility.
  • Heavy-duty tow arm allows a completely filled unit to be transported by hand or behind a Gator or golf cart with ease over all terrains.
  • 8 direct hydration nozzles with FDA-approved beverage spouts equipped with patented, anti-microbial-treated Safety Spouts for reducing cross-contamination.
  • PVC manifolds encased in custom-formed aluminum sleeves.
  • 24 drinking bottles and 4 carriers.
  • Work shelf to hold bottles.
  • An ice chute to aid with filling the tank.
  • Inline strainer to assist with sanitizing the chiller, tubing and manifolds.
  • Ships fully assembled.
  • Shipping included.

The Power Pack includes:

  • A rechargeable battery with external charging port.
  • EPA-approved water pump.
  • A 2-year parts & workmanship warranty.