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Waterboy Horizontal Chiller Hydration System With Filling Station

Waterboy horizontal chiller hydration system with filling station

What's Included

This horizontal chiller hydration system with filling station includes:

  • 120-quart Igloo SuperTough ice chest with copper chiller coils to quickly chill the water.
  • Custom-formed, plate-aluminum wagon with 10” flat-free, wheels for mobility.
  • 8 direct hydration nozzles with patented, anti-microbial-treated Safety Spouts for reducing cross-contamination.
  • Water tubing is encased in custom-formed aluminum sleeves.
  • 24 drinking bottles and 4 carriers.
  • Work shelf to hold bottles.
  • 50 foot sanitary drinking hose.
  • Inline strainer to assist with sanitizing the chiller, tubing and manifolds.
  • Ships fully assembled.
  • Hose included.
  • Shipping included.